Three Tips to Prepare Your Mind and Body for High-Altitude Climbing

Aaron Ollivier is the founder of Utah Angels II (UA2), an investment firm in Utah that funds start-up companies. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Aaron Ollivier enjoys exploring the outdoors and has climbed some of the world’s tallest mountains.

Also called mountaineering and alpinism, mountain climbing is a demanding, though rewarding sport that has challenged explorers for centuries. Whether you’re planning your first high-altitude excursion or a trek through the Himalayas, here are a few basic climbing tips:

Train with all your gear

Carry 10-15 pounds of extra weight in you pack as you train, so that when you join your team you can manage your assigned load with greater ease. Additionally, you should dedicate sufficient time to familiarizing with ropes, harnesses, and other equipment long before the climb.

Adjust your frame of mind

Prepare your mind by accepting that every climb is difficult, and that physical preparation doesn’t necessarily prevent discouragement and mental fatigue. In addition, strive to find humor wherever possible, especially in adverse conditions.

Use all of your assets

Recognize your weaknesses in ascending and descending, and utilize your strengths to even out your pace. Some climbers adopt identities, such as a mule, to help visualize their power and to push through tough passages.


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